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The Most Reliable Engineering's Partner In The Area Of

MESCO-ECME provides engineering services starting from design, construction, maintenance and energy efficiency solution for our client. Our core competency is the area of Mechanical – Electrical – Piping – Fire System (MEPF).

We were established in 1995 when we completed our first turnkey MEPF project. Since then we have designed, constructed and maintained many projects / installation in different industries across country. We have built hospitals, factories, malls, restaurant, offices, warehouses, mining, luxurious houses, apartment, schools etc.

Send us your questions and we will give you the help we can do.

We Have All Licenses & Permits To Work In The Area Of MEPF

We have all licenses & permits to work in the area of engineering, construction, maintenance and energy efficiency. We have SIUJK (Construction Services Licenses), SBU (Business Certificate) and other permits to work in construction area.

QUALITY and SAFETY are our top priority in the project and they are non-negotiable. We are certified  ISO9001 in Quality Management and OHSAS18000 or ISO45001 for Safety & Health management. To commit further with international  standard in environment management system, currently our company are also in process to have ISO14000 certification.

Mesco Engineering, Design, Construction, Maintenance & Energy Efficiency Company. We Are Experienced In The Field Of Mechanical, Electrical, Piping, Fire System
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