Social Life in The Company

Balanced and Healthy Social Life

Mesco Engineering Sadar Bahwa Orang Perlu Menikmati Dan Bahagia Dengan Interaksi Sosial Di Dalam Perusahaan Konstruksi Ini

When we are working together and spending hours with our team mate, you need a balance between work, social life and health. MESCO is aware that every body has to enjoy and happy with their social interaction inside the company.

We encourage the employee to have passion and community among themsleves that will attract among themselves. Right mow our employee has a biker community. They are travelling together during their free time. Some of our employee enjoy themselves to help other unfortunate people with social activities. Some build a English language club and others joining health club and exercise together.

Beside of that, company has family gathering every year where employee and family invited to join day off together. The company also sponsor some activities such as Fun Run, and some work as our corporate social responsibilty.

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