We can act as your engineering consultant starting by developing technical design, budgeting, technical specification until its detail technical drawing.  If you already decide a contractor to do your construction.

Mesco Is A Company In Jakarta, Our Services Ranging From Engineering, Energy Efficiency Solution, Construction, AC Maintenance, Service, Trading, And Supply

MESCO can also help you as project consultant to monitor your project during execution. Our scope in engineering are :

  • Survey and Technical Audit :

We can conduct an audit and field survey to ensure all issues and technical problems clearly and correctly identified so its root problem is known and we can recommend you the right solution to your problem.

  • Concept, Analysis and Design :

Starting from a concept and idea, we can develop it as an optimal  technical design for your project. We can also define the right technical specification as required. This is because we are quite experience in engineering and broad field experience.

  • Technical Drawing and Documentation :

If you have challenge in technical drawing or drafter personnel, we can help you in drawing until complete drawing management in construction works. We can help you in document management, drawing, literature and manual related to the project.

  • Budgeting :

Project Budgeting is a critical part. We can help you in calculating you project budget and its detail  disbursement schedule so you can prepare and decide correctly on your project execution.

  • Scheduling :

Work schedule and material supply are critical to successful project. Not mention some adjustment among project owner, engineering, contractor and subcontractor are always happened in the project. Ensuring to keep the schedule on time and updated is very critical in a project.

  • Testing and Commissioning :

After the project complete, we can also help you to make testing and commissioning system to ensure all items running and operating accordance to its technical specification as planned. All test result can be made as base to pay your vendors.

  • Tender Documentation :

We can help you during tender process. Starting from tender preparation, develop technical design, specification, technical drawing, bill of quantity, material and services, vendor invitation and meeting, analysis and contract management. We will ensure your project always efficient and get the best value of it.

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