Career with Us

Job Vacancies in Sales, Engineering, Technician, Project Manager, Supervisor, Project Officer

MESCO has an ambition to expand vast and wide to cover some industrial and commercial area across the country. We always hire technician, site supervisor, site manager, project manager, and some supporting other roles in our organization. To cope with vast growth of MESCO, ambitious candidates who can work well with our culture are always in our search and recruited. Technician will be selected after passing selection process and they need to join our training minimum one week before their placement. Regular assessment and training will be done to ensure each of staff has the right competence to work.

MESCO is one of few companies that implement competency based remuneration system. Whatever result of their competency assessment will decide their remuneration. High remuneration will be given to who has higher competency. Very easy and simple. The technician will have 2 (two) career paths. They can choose their path as a technical specialist and they will be developed for their technical expertise OR they can grow in managerial path and will be developed to lead team. Each path has its owned career and development plans.

In career, everyone has equal opportunity to grow in the company. Not base on seniority or length of service but base on their performance, competency and company values. Behave with our corporate values, fulfill required competency and achieve targeted performance and their career in Mesco will be bright in the future.

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