Our Team

Our Key Success is Because We are Very
Serious with Human Capital

Our team consists of specialists and technicians with solid engineering and field experiences. They are strong in project management and passion for quality. Human capital managemnt is key to our success. We are seriously developing our team both in technical and management area. We start by hiring only the right personnel, then we guide and develop them with our value and competency system.

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We are building competency for every role in the company. Both skill, knowledge & Attitude. We also invest seriuously in MESCO ACADEMY to ensure all employee has the right competency for their work and can be successful with their work.

MESCO ACADEMY and Human Resource department will monitor their competency, growth, and prepare their development plan and future career. MESCO committed to allocate 5% of yearly working hours to allow our staff to learn new things.

We also seriously monitor their performance, their gap and training needs requirement. We believe that the right selection, competency, training development and the performance management are our foundation to build a strong and reliable organization. We value our team as key asset of the company.

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